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     Thank you for stopping in to read more about Deanna Jewel's Native American romance books. She wrote this time travel romance after visiting her brother in Dubois Wyoming and the characters didn't leave her alone until she finished their story. She's a believer in reincarnation so she feels that souls travel through time and reconnect years this case, over 100 years later!
     The links below will take you to websites that have to do with Dubois so you can take a virtual visit to get a feel for the area.  Whiskey Basin is just outside of town where visitors can find Native American petroglyphs that are hundreds of years old and revered by the Shoshone Nation. Their reservation is along the Wind River that goes through Dubois. She hopes you enjoy reading the story as much as she enjoyed writing it and doing the research.
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Main characters Taima and Kate

Main Characters Taima and Kate

Native American petroglyphs

Native American Petroglyphs

Kate's ring that gets passed

down through Taima's family

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Taima and Kate find themselves battling the same

Native American skin walkers
in today's modern world!
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