News from Deanna!

August 24, 2016:  For those living in the Los Angeles, Irvine, Burbank, Hollywood area, I will be there with ten other authors over the Labor Day weekend! You can find out more by visiting the Doce Blant website EVENTS page. We'll be at the Rainbow Bar & Grill for a meet and greet where we look forward to chatting with readers. Come party with us Friday night. On Saturday, we're doing a panel discussion and then a few book signings. Come by to meet us!

July 11, 2016:  I received great news today - Never Surrender won a literary award today and I'm honored to be the recipient of the Marie Irvine Literary Award of Excellence! You can see the award notice here.

Feb 15, 2016:  Never Surrender is now available in hard cover!! You can order direct from my site here via My Webstore for $30 plus tax/shipping. I'll sign every book before it ships and each one will be numbered as there are only 100 copies for distribution. Thank you so much to readers who have already ordered their copy. I so appreciate your support and friendship!

     MORE news - the paperback and kindle versions just became available the other day and can be purchased from your favorite online store. I'm so excited about publishing with Doce Blant and the promotions they are doing for the series. I'm still working on book two and there will be a MAJOR celebration when this books hits the market as it feels like I've been working on it for years! LOL Please let your friends know about the books if they also love reading time travel romance. Thank you, watch for more news and contests via my newsletter. Get subscribed!

Sept 27, 2015:  I've always self-published my books, but recently decided to go with a publisher. This is a huge change for me. I think in the long run, more readers will be able to find my books and perhaps one day, they may even be in stores. We'll see what happens. Right now, I'm excited to let you know that I've decided to publish with Doce Blant Publishing. They're a new publisher, but I know the owner personally and whatever she touches works for her. I'll be pulling my books from Amazon as they get close to being published by DBP. Currently, Amazon is the only place my books can be found because of the requirements of Kindle Unlimited. Being in that program did NOT help sell more books for me and Amazon requires the author to pull all books from all publishers and only list with Amazon. That hurt my sales big time.

     I know going with Doce Blant will be a great move for me and I'm asking my readers to honor DBP by purchasing my books from their website and not at B & N, or Amazon, but they will also be there. By ordering from the major sale sights, we have to share royalties with B & N, Amazon, etc and when a sale happens at the publisher site, we're not splitting with the majors. I hope that makes sense to you as a reader. That's why you may see authors sending you to the publisher website to purchase books. Please stay in touch and watch for more news in my newsletter.

July 7, 2015:  This week finds me at a cabin in the woods writing and editing! I've wanted to finish Two Hearts for so long and this week I can work on it. Hubby is fishing and relaxing and writing does that for me. With characters in my head wanting their story told, I can only relax once I get them in a document or down on paper, so to speak. For those waiting for more books of mine to read, below you'll see that I've released a Christmas story where my Two Hearts characters meet the characters in Home For the Holidays that takes place in Jackson Hole. I enjoyed writing that story and including Kate and Brandon for those who fell in love with them in Never Surrender. I hope you grab your just might cool off your summer by reading a winter love story.

Nov 29, 2014:  I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. We did! My kids live back east but we talked and they had a great day also. I can't believe I've not updated this News feature. I've been busy this year with traveling and writing but that's no excuse not to let you know what's happening. Currently I've put the sequel to Never Surrender on hold to write a Christmas story for you and my fingers have been flying over the keyboard to finish that. The story, Home For The Holidays, is now on Amazon! Again, it's a story of second chances for finding love and I hope it touches your heart for the holiday.