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Deanna Jewel

 Author of Romance Fiction

Author of romance fiction genres in time travel, paranormal, contemporary, and motivational books.

Works in Progress

The Book Store

~ Book One ~

Makenzie just wanted to be left alone. When she finds a small book store in a quiet community, she moves with her young daughter to get away from unwanted attention after she comes into just enough money for a wonderful future. Being a single mom hasn't been easy but she's proud of what's she accomplished and now she can be her own boss...unlike the past she's running from. Her ex-husband had too many rules and they had no friends. A new start would be good for her and her teen-aged daughter.

Whispering Hearts

This story takes place in England, 1688. The hero is ambushed and unable to remember who he is after he finds himself beaten and abandoned. He's rescued by a woman who convinces her father to allow her to nurse him back to health. What she doesn't count on is the attraction to a stranger she wants desperately to help. She's as curious as he is to discover his past and this takes them on a journey neither of them are prepared for.